Pinduoduo Launches Italy National Pavilion Offering High-quality Imported Products

On Nov. 21, Pinduoduo officially launched the “Italian National Pavilion”. Nearly 100 Italian wine and food products were represented at attractive prices, while Pinduoduo, together with the Italian Foreign Trade Commission (ITA), offered live streaming of wines.

ITA is an official agency under the leadership of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Trade, whose mission is to carry out and promote trade between Italy and other countries. For this event, ITA brought 76 Italian wineries and associations to the exhibition, express much interest in the Chinese market.

“Italy and China share similarities in terms of culture, and wine and food are ways to share multiculturalism. We sincerely invite Chinese consumers to enjoy the delicious food with Italian wine”, said Gianpaolo Bruno, Chief Representative of the ITA Beijing Office.

The event’s livestreaming caught the attention of more than 420,000 Pinduoduo users. More than 20,000 fine wines and delicacies from the “Italian National Pavilion” were sold, and the sales of Italian wine on the online platform increased by 160%.

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More European Geographical Indication products on Chinese consumers’ table

Recently, China and the EU have signed the “China-EU agreement on geographical indications”, aiming for a large-scale mutual recognition of products falling under a list of 275 geographical indications and 550 well-known geographical indications. This agreement will help Chinese products gain recognition from EU consumers and promote exports to Europe. At the same time, it will also bring plenty of high-quality EU consumer goods into the Chinese market.

Among the first 100 items on the agreement’s list, 26 Italian products are included as “protected geographical indications”, 14 of them wines. The degree to which Italian wine is recognized in Europe is obvious.

But good wine needs a good market and China has always been, at least potentially, one of the best bets for Italian produce. For while Italian wines only rank fifth in China’s wine import statistics, their high acidity and strong tannins are attracting more and more Chinese consumers.

Nearly 100 Italian wine and food products were represented at attractive prices in the Italian National Pavilion (Photo by Gongzi)

Danish blue cheese, Scotch whisky, and other products under the EU geographical indication have also spread deeper into the Chinese market through the Pinduoduo platform, ending up on the tables of domestic consumers. Previously, foreign diplomats from Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Denmark and other EU members had also joined Pinduoduo to speak of their countries’ products.

Pinduoduo will continue to promote the “National Pavilion” program with European countries, constantly explore consumers ‘needs for high-quality imported products, especially products certified by the China-EU agreement on geographical indications, so as to bring more high-quality products and services to domestic consumers,” said a company spokesperson.