Pinduoduo Launches Business Communication Tool “Knock”

Chinese e-commerce platform Pinduoduo launched an updated version of its business communication platform Knock, allowing users to set up accounts and create teams on the application, according to a Chinese business intelligence social media account.

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Based on the official product introduction, Knock is an enterprise communication and office tool for businesses to facilitate communication and management with a focus on instant messaging. Unlike other business collaboration platforms such as DingTalk, Feishu or Lark, and WeChat Work that offer a variety of office functions, Knock puts more of an emphasis on the speed, security, and stability of instant messaging.

Information from Qima Data shows that Knock was developed by Hangzhou Aimi Network Technology, which is Pinduoduo’s operating entity. Pinduoduo co-founder and CTO Chen Lei and co-founder Sun Qin hold all the shares.

Knock’s first alpha version was released on Jan. 26, followed by three iterations in February. The Pinduoduo-owned app launched a beta version on March 3. Now, it’s officially available to the public.

Some Pinduoduo employees revealed that the company has been using Knock as a daily office tool since Q4 last year. It’s speculated that the tool was originally designed to standardize and simplify the company’s internal communication. But as demand for online office tools surges amid the coronavirus outbreak, Pinduoduo decided to make it available it to the public.