Photos of XPeng Motors’ New Crossover SUV Leaked

A Chinese social media user has exposed undercover photos of XPeng Motors’ brand-new model on Tuesday. Not long ago, He Xiaopeng, founder and chairman of the electric vehicle brand, revealed that the firm will launch the C-class vehicle platform and the B-class vehicle platform. The new platforms will use large integrated die-casting units.

The photos showed that the new car adopts a fastback design, with a smooth window line. The top is slightly high, but it still adopts a rear window with a large inclination angle, which keeps the dynamic fastback design and takes into account a bigger interior space.

(Source: Weibo user “@Dianche Shizhang”)

The new car has a significantly higher body size than the traditional sedan, but it is lower than the average SUV models. The new car is expected to be positioned as a crossover SUV.

The new car has a short L133 specification (referring to the distance from the front axle to pedal), which is obviously not a product of XPeng‘s Edward platform with L113 length, like the P7 sedan and G9 SUV. Compared with G3 and P5 models produced on the firm’s David platform, the front and rear suspension length of the new model is expected to be greatly shortened.

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Earlier this year, an undercover photo of the XPeng P7 was leaked online. The back door was greatly shortened, and the chassis height was obviously raised, which is expected to be the car of the SUV captured this time.

Based on existing information, the new car is likely to be the first model of the B-class platform that will be launched by XPeng next year. The new car will be positioned between the XPeng G3i and G9, and it is expected to be benchmarked with Tesla’s Model Y.

In addition, the first model of the C-class platform will likely be the brand-new MPV model previously disclosed by XPeng, and the internal code of the new car is suspected to be F30.