Photos of New AR/VR Controller From ByteDance’s Pico Leaked

AR and VR-focused Twitter blogger “SkarredGhost” shared exclusive photos of Pico’s new controllers on August 1.

As compared to the previous generation of products, these controllers exhibit major changes in design. It seems that the most obvious feature is that the induction ring has moved from the top of the device to running through the entire controller. This design appears to be more ergonomic and giving the grip a better feel. The new controller, in addition to simply changing the design, may also be able to accommodate new ecological content and achieve more accurate spatial positioning.

Previously exposed documents from the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) support such speculation about the new products. According to the documents, Pico 4 is produced by Goertek, comes with Android Q and has two products – Pico 4 standalone VR headset and the Pico 4 Pro with face and eye tracking.

Judging from this, it is inferred that the Pico 4 is about to be released. Moreover, photos of the controller were revealed by overseas tech bloggers and also have passed FCC certification. It is mandatory for electronic products to obtain FCC certification to enter US markets. So, there is a good chance that this new Pico VR product will be launched globally.

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Since it was merged into ByteDance in August last year, Pico has accelerated its global expansion. According to public information, in addition to its branches in Tokyo, San Francisco, Barcelona and greater Seoul, Pico has set up a distribution department called Pico Studios in North America.

In April this year, Pico released its latest headset, the Pico Neo Link 3, at Laval Virtual in France. This product will be made available in European markets such as Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands one after another, an indication of Pico’s global market strategy.