Over 50 Billion Packages Delivered Across China in 2018

China’s 50 billionth package of this year came into being.

How many items? 1067 times of Apple’s iPhone Q3 sales record in 2018, and more than the total of developed economies including the U.S., Japan, and Europe.

photo source: statista.com

“China’s delivery business is surging at 10 billion items per year,” said Feng Lihu, head of supervising division of State Post Bureau of The People’s Republic of China, “China’s business volume has topped the world for the past five years.”

The value of online retail sales supported by the delivery system reached 6.9 trillion yuan ($1 trillion), taking up more than 19 percent of social consumer goods, according to the Bureau.

The delivery industry bred more than 300 projects. This year, the number of packages delivered amount to an estimate of 836 million, creating a gross output of 217 billion yuan ($32 billion). The trade volume of cross-border e-commerce that the express business supported was over 350 billion yuan ($51 billion) in 2018.

All this would be but a dream if it weren’t for technological innovation. Over 71,000 offices along with 272,000 sets of smart mail boxes have been set up and covers the entire country. Big data, cloud computing and smart robots also helped increase the efficiency. Consumers can choose to buy pretty much anything and have it delivered at pretty much any time.

Featured photo credit to sohu.com