OPPO Unveils MagVOOC Magnetic Flash Charger

Today, Chinese smartphone maker OPPO unveiled its MagVOOC magnetic flash charging technology at the China International Smart Industry Expo 2021. Three new devices were launched including a power bank, a charger and a charger pedestal.

The MagVOOC magnetic charger features an independent transmitter coil and a main board. This design makes the transmission base thinner and helps isolate the heat emanating from the main board to the smartphone, thus reducing the impact on the charging rate.

OPPO says that the MagVOOC magnetic wireless power bank solves the problem of phone-to-charger alignment by adding magnets which helps the devices “lock” into place. Regarding power, the MagVOOC magnetic wireless power bank supports 20W wireless charging and 10W wired charging for mobile phones, which can be fully charged with 4500 mAh in 2 hours.

A blogger for digital products says there is no mass production plan for the MagVOOC magnetic flash charging product but that there will be a 125W wired flash charging device released next year.

Earlier this month, OPPO’s sub-brand Realme unveiled its MagDart magnetic wireless charging technology, with a maximum rate of 50W. However, a fan is needed for cooling down the device while charging.

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At the Expo, OPPO and Changan Automobile jointly displayed a series of car-smartphone connections in the second generation model of the CS55PLUS, including adding a digital car key to OPPO’s mobile wallet. This digital key can unlock the car door simply by drawing near, and can also perform other functions such as locking the doors, opening the trunk, and starting the engine.