OPPO to Share its 5G Plans at INNO DAY 2019

OPPO is set to hold the inaugural INNO DAY 2019 conference in Shenzhen, China on December 10. The conference aims to build an open and integrated technology exchange platform, showcase OPPO’s layout of the 5G integration ecosystem, and explore the future of personal technology.

The Chinese mobile phone giant, organized the first-ever INNO DAY conference in 2018, however, the event was held behind closed doors, inaccessible to the general public or media. The internal technology exhibition was used to showcase OPPO’s “R&D capacity and breakthroughs across various fields.”

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This year’s INNO DAY will have a similar format, except this time, it is open to global media, analysts, industry partners, and the public. You’re going to see the company demo its cutting-edge technologies and talk to the industry experts, partners, and opinion leaders to shed a light on the changes 5G will bring.

Since its establishment in 2004, OPPO’s first mobile phone was launched in 2008, and the door to Europe was opened in 2018. The company has now entered more than 40 countries and regions around the world. Later this month, OPPO will join the initial wave of 5G phones with the launch of the Reno 3 series, which will be the first OPPO device to feature dual-mode 5G support.

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