OPPO Shipped Over 100 Million Smartphones With Super VOOC Flash Charge

OPPO held a “Super VOOC Flash Charge Day” on Nov. 6 in Shanghai, in celebration of shipping over 100 million smartphone devices equipped with its VOOC Flash Charge technology.

OPPO Super VOOC Flash Charge Day

Vice president of OPPO Shen Yiren announced the achievement at the event and stated that the company’s ultimate pursuit of a fast-charging technology has begun to gradually change the habits of OPPO users when it comes to charging their smartphones. Many OPPO users are now charging their smartphones in the morning instead of overnight.

OPPO VOOC flash charging
Shen Yiren, Vice president of OPPO

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OPPO also announced having reached a cooperation with Pokemon, the popular Japanese media franchise, and have the star character Pikachu as the VOOC Flash Charging ambassador. The company launched a 10,000mAh Pikachu Edition Super VOOC Power Bank priced at 399 Yuan and comes with two-way Super VOOC Flash Charge technology.


The OPPO VOOC Flash Charging system, which stands for Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging, is a proprietary rapid-charge technology created by OPPO Electronics, which is able to charge certain OPPO smartphone devices from 0 to 75 percent in just 30 minutes.

vooc charging
Pikachu Edition Super VOOC Power Bank

For the first time, OPPO used 3C batteries and a new VFC fast charging algorithm in its Super VOOC Flash Charging system. The 3C batteries have increased the current carrying capacity by 100 percent, and are built with a much sturdier material. The new VFC algorithm rockets the trickle charge rate by 200 percent, cutting down the time needed to charge the remaining 10 percent of the battery.

OPPO R17 VOOC Charging
OPPO R17 with VOOC Flash Charging

More importantly, the R17 Pro, equipped with Super VOOC Flash Charging, has been successfully certified by TÜV Rheinland. It is also the first smartphone to receive a five-star certificate from China Telecommunication Technology Labs.

In addition, OPPO has announced that the core technology patents for flash charging have been deployed in more than 1,000 locations worldwide. This huge number is a solid guarantee for the OPPO flash charging experience.