OPPO Phone Users Can Now Summon Microsoft’s AI Assistant Xiaoice

OPPO and Microsoft jointly announced their cooperation on ColorOS’ built-in intelligent assistant, Breeno. With Oppo Breeno Voice version 5.2.0 or higher, users will also be able to use Microsoft’s Xiaoice, also known as Xiaobing, on their phones.

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Breeno provides users with an intimate and convenient operation experience. The assistant can work with multiple services to make intelligent judgements and provide appropriate recommendations to consumers.

Breeno can also work with multiple services to make smart decisions and provide appropriate recommendations to users. For instance, an OPPO smartphone user at the airport will see Breeno automatically suggesting boarding entry information.

Microsoft’s Xiaoice, on the other hand, focuses more on high emotional intelligence interactions and has extensive creative skills. In May 2017, Xiaoice published the first AI-authored collection of poems and has so far helped millions of people write poems.

Breeno is more operation-focused, improving the overall user experience while Xiaoice emphasizes the skills of emotional intelligence and creativity. For example, the song “Xiatian Bu Jia Bing”, which was sung by Xiao Bing and Breeno, is now available on major music platforms and mobile phones.

At present, Xiaoice is one of the world’s largest cross-domain artificial intelligence systems covering 660 million online users, 450 million third-party smart devices and 900 million content viewers. Along with Breeno, it will provide a richer and more productive AI interaction for users.