OPPO Announces New Product Line Reno Smartphone

“Say hello to Reno!” This is not a reference to the city in Nevada, but a brand new product line launched by Chinese smartphone company OPPO.

OPPO’s global vice president Shen Yiren posted an announcement on his Weibo account today, celebrating the exciting news of the company’s launch of a new product line named Reno.

Shen Yiren's weibo post
Shen Yiren’s weibo post

It is unclear what specs the first Reno (pronounced [‘ri:nəu]) smartphone will carry, but rumors are that it will likely feature the latest 10x lossless zoom technology that OPPO released in February.

All that was included in OPPO’s announcement was a launch date on April 10, and a subscription link to stay updated on the release.

In early February, OPPO announced its official entry into the UK, Turkey, and Poland, continuing its expansion all over Europe.

At present, OPPO has entered more than 40 countries and regions around the world, providing technology products and services to more than 250 million users.

Featured Image Source: OPPO