Online Entertainment Giant iQIYI Launches Content and Marketing Strategy for 2020

IQIYI, an online entertainment service in China, held its annual iJOY Conference in Shanghai on October 15th. Under the theme of “New Trends New Growth”, the conference served as a platform for iQIYI to announce its content and marketing strategy for 2020 and discuss the future prospects of China’s entertainment industry with brand advertisers and iQIYI partners.

On iQIYI‘s content and marketing strategy for 2020, Gong Yu, Founder and CEO of iQIYI said, “as the online video industry enters into a mature market, iQIYI will not only continue creating content liked by the general public, but it will also be producing vertical content that caters to the needs of targeted audiences.”

Key Points From Press Release:

Exploring how AI empowers innovative marketing mechanisms

By applying AI to all aspects of its businesses, iQIYI continues to meet the increasingly personalized needs of users by perfecting its content creation and recommendation mechanisms.

At the Conference, iQIYI‘s Founder and CEO Gong Yu explained that the visual and audio recognition and synthetic technologies in AI allows advertisements to blend seamlessly into content, achieving integration between content and advertisements. This means that the number and quality of advertisements will not be compromised even when the users are enjoying films or dramas.

In terms of marketing products, iQIYI has developed a wide range of AI-powered marketing features to address the diverse needs of advertisers. These AI-powered features differ in format and function by allowing advertisements to be presented as on-screen pop-up indications during viewing, or as part of the news feed when browsing on the platform. AI’s adaptability allows advertisements to be tailored to different scenarios and reach iQIYI users as they watch videos, conduct searches or interact with other users on the platform. This helps make sure that advertisements can reach the right users at the right time and place.

iQIYI to invest over RMB 20 billion in over 200 new releases

Wang Xiaohui, Chief Content Officer and President of Professional Content Business Group (PCG) of iQIYI. (Source: iQIYI)

At the Conference, Wang Xiaohui, Chief Content Officer and President of Professional Content Business Group (PCG) of iQIYI, announced the company’s upcoming content strategy and new releases for the next year. In 2020, iQIYI will invest over RMB 20 billion in over 200 new releases across six genres of variety shows and five genres of drama series, in addition to sports and other vertical business areas.

In the highly anticipated area of TV dramas and variety shows, iQIYI will continue to focus on genres such as family, epic, lifestyle, sports and music that are based on cultural trends in China. Variety shows to be released in 2020 include the return of highly acclaimed shows such as Qing Chun You Ni 2, I Can I BB 6, The Big Band 2, The Rap of China 2020, CZR II, FOURTRY, Miss Voice, We Are Champions, as well as shows with specific target audiences such as Top Influencer, My Little Tutor, Hi Housemate 2, I Actor 2, and Falling in Love Like a Romantic TV Drama.

iQIYI also announced that in 2020, key releases for TV dramas entail 23 new dramas that include the highlight anticipated series such as The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty, Once Upon a Time in LingJian Mountain, The Great Ruler, Love in Shanghai, If There is No Tomorrow, Fearless, PINGPONG, Tientsin Mystic 2, REUNION: The Sound of The Providence, iPARTMENT 5, HOT–BLOODED YOUTH and Court Lady.

Furthermore, iQIYI also announced that as 2020 will be a big year for sports, it has acquired online broadcasting rights to the 2020 Euro Cup and the top 12 prequalification games of the Asia division for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.