Online Collaboration Tool Developer Fabrie Secures New Financing

Fabrie, an online design collaboration tool developer for the global design market, recently announced the completion of a Pre-A round of financing. This round of financing was led by Volcanics Venture and followed by Sequoia Capital and BAI Capital. The money raised will be used to speed up the company’s product iteration process and expand its team.

There are over 100 million designers active in various sub-sectors throughout the world. Among them, physical design fields such as products, clothing and interior design rely on complex workflows where a variety of formats are used in the production workflow, including pictures, text, rendered drawings and 3D models. As a result, when files need to be shared among collaborators, the files can be large and unwieldy.

Due to the various formats, file storage is scattered and information is often difficult to retrieve. Designers need to spend a lot of time and energy on trivial issues such as format conversion and page typesetting.

Fabrie aims to change that situation by bringing online design collaboration tools that include cloud storage, multi-person collaboration and mobile device browsing. The main working interface of the company’s flagship offering includes a borderless whiteboard and freely configurable data tables, both of which can take users from research to design.

The whiteboard has a high degree of functionality in which information, creativity, and efficient collaboration can be reviewed and linked together. Data tables with such structures can become a lightweight database of the team which can then support design management and application.

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At present, Fabrie has more than 30 team members that have graduated from famous universities at home and abroad such as Imperial College, School of Visual Arts, Central Academy of Fine Arts and Shanghai Jiaotong University. Some members have even worked in notable enterprises such as ByteDance, Teambition,, DingTalk and Nike.