Online Car-hailing Platform T3 Go Targets Increase in Market Share

As T3 Go, an online car-hailing platform in China, celebrated its third anniversary, CEO Cui Dayong released a letter on Friday announcing the company’s goals for the next three years.

In the letter Cui said that the last three years have seen T3 Go become the second largest platform in the car-hailing industry. Further, of all platforms with over millions of daily orders, T3 Go enjoys the highest compliance rate.

Since its establishment in April 2019, T3 Go’s services have been launched in more than 80 cities including Nanjing, Wuhan, Chongqing, Hangzhou and Changchun. According to company data, as of the beginning of April, the company had over 95 million registered users, 600,000 registered drivers and over 3 million daily orders.

As the first car-hailing platform based on the Internet of Vehicles architecture in China, T3 Go has always paid attention to the safety of drivers and passengers. It self-developed the V.D.R safety protection system, which links the data of people, vehicles and roads to realize a full-time monitoring and management ecosystem.

T3 Go has also built a “smart parade” system to help implement the intelligent interaction between managers and vehicles while also helping accurately match supply and demand. At present, the system has covered 29 cities such as Shanghai, Nanjing and Chongqing. The number of orders received by drivers joining the system has increased by 10%, and the average time spent on receiving orders has been reduced by 5 minutes.

For the company’s development over the next three years, Cui Dayong pointed out that it is necessary to expand its scale, improve efficiency and take steps to further innovation in the industry.

In terms of scale, it is necessary for the company to focus on three major sectors: online car-hailing, taxi and autonomous driving. The company is striving to push its share of the online car-hailing market above 30%.

In terms of efficiency, the digital transformation of vehicles will be completed this year to improve operational efficiency and methods.

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In terms of innovation, the company is looking for ways to develop news ways to improve the technology in the new energy industry, autonomous driving and the overall industrial chain.