OnePlus Displayed Its First 5G Prototype Phone at MWC 2019

Every smartphone maker wants to take the lead in the 5G run. So does the Chinese company OnePlus.

At Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019, OnePlus displayed its 5G prototype smartphone powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855 Mobile Platform on Feb. 25 local time.

“5G is a game changer. It can change everything from gaming to communication, to health and beyond. More than that, it can perform several, or all, of these at the same time,” said Pete Lau, founder and CEO of OnePlus.

OnePlus booth at MWC
OnePlus booth at MWC (Image Source: OnePlus)

At Qualcomm Technologies’ booth, OnePlus simulated a futuristic setting of 5G cloud gaming where players need nothing but a smartphone and a gamepad. 5G technology, which made fast cloud processing and responsiveness possible, allowed players to enjoy large sized games online. And the Snapdragon chipset in OnePlus phones helped provide high definition as well as low latency cloud gaming experiences.

“The massive improvement in speed, latency, and network capacity brought about by 5G can open up doors to a whole new spectrum of possibilities both in hardware and software. That is why 5G is of strategic importance to OnePlus,” said Lau.

OnePlus 5G smartphone at MWC 2019
OnePlus 5G smartphone at MWC 2019 (Image Source: OnePlus)

By partnering with carrier leaders such as EE, it seems OnePlus will never settle when it comes to 5G. The company, along with EE, plans to release a 5G commercial smartphone in the UK.