Nubia to Launch First AR Glasses at MWC 2023

Nubia, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer well-known for its Redmagic series of gaming smartphones, announced its first AR smart glasses – Neovision Glass on February 17. The glasses will be unveiled at MWC Barcelona this year, the world’s most influential exhibition for the connectivity industry.

Nubia also released a poster showing the appearance of the device. There are two shadows on the front of the glasses and chambers on both sides, which may hide the mainboard and sensors. The AR glasses aim to be multifunctional by serving people’s needs in daily life, office work, sports and entertainment. Besides this, Nubia has not disclosed any specifications of the glasses.

At the event, Nubia will also launch Pad 3D, which will feature integrated AI technology and support the intelligent recognition of human eyes. Based on its cooperation with Leia, an American company producing 3D Lightfield products and software applications, Nubia has crafted the glasses with the ability to present 3D visual effects.

Pad 3D (Source: Nubia)

Nubia initially was a wholly-owned subsidiary of ZTE in 2012 and then became an independent company in 2015. At present, it is more like ZTE’s associate company. ZTE will set up four exhibition areas at MWC 2023, with themes such as effective networks, digital expansion, unbounded future and intelligent life. From ZTE’s official poster, we can see that the products to be unveiled include smartphones, glasses, and laptops.

Nubia’s launch of its AR glasses is based on the recent development of this market. According to iResearch Consulting Group, from the annual sales of major online platforms in 2022, TCL RayNeo, Nreal, Rokid and INMO account for about 82% of the overall market share. Among them, TCL RayNeo ranks first with a market share of 28.4%. Nreal and Rokid respectively won 25.1% and 21.0% of the market share and have achieved steady growth, putting them in second and third in industry rankings, while INMO and Xiaomi rank fourth and fifth respectively. In addition, Huawei’s performance has been outstanding. In December 2022, Huawei released its Vision Glass, which received a warm reception in that quarter.

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MWC 2023 will run from February 27 to March 2 with Huawei already announcing that it will participate in the exhibition. According to one digital blogger in China, Huawei will show off some new technologies and old products at the conference, and may warm up its new flagship smartphones which will be launched in March and April.