Nothing Launches Wireless Earbuds Ear (2)

On March 22, consumer tech brand Nothing, founded by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, launched the Ear (2) wireless earbuds. Although the design of these earbuds is similar to the Ear (1), the sound quality has been significantly improved. The starting price for the Ear (2) is $149, which is a 50% increase from the original $99 price point of the Ear (1).

The appearance of the Nothing Ear (2) has not undergone significant changes. Instead, the focus has been on internal upgrades. Based on user feedback on the Ear (1), certain pain points have been addressed, such as the active noise reduction feature. The Ear (2) has introduced an adaptive transparency feature that is similar to the AirPods Pro 2, which can adjust noise reduction in real-time based on ambient sound conditions.

Nothing has also improved the sound quality of the Ear (2) by adding Hi-Res Audio certification and LHDC 5.0, a low-latency audio codec, which offers a better sound experience for users. The earbuds also feature an 11.6mm driver unit and a “dual-chamber” design, which contributes to better sound quality and smoother airflow.

(Source: Nothing)

Regarding battery life, the Ear (2) can be used for up to 36 hours when fully charged and with active noise reduction turned off. Additionally, a quick ten-minute charge can support up to eight hours of listening time.

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Nothing has previously launched a smartphone called the Phone (1). In a saturated smartphone market, the Phone (1) stands out with its unique design featuring a right-angle frame, a fully transparent back cover, a Snapdragon 778G+ chip, and a light band consisting of 900 mini LED beads. The Phone (1) is priced at 399 pounds ($490). Nothing plans to release its new Phone (2) later this year, which will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 series chip. Qualcomm announced its partnership with the brand at the Mobile World Congress event earlier this year.