Nissan Plans Global Expansion of China-manufactured EVs

Nissan, the Japanese automaker, announced on Sunday that it plans to sell electric vehicles (EVs) manufactured in China globally. Nissan also announced a cooperation agreement with China’s Tsinghua University to accelerate the development of EVs by leveraging resources in the Chinese market. 

Makoto Uchida, Vice President of Nissan and President of Nissan China, stated indicated that Nissan is targeting the electric vehicle market where Chinese competitors like BYD are present. This move signifies Nissan joining the ranks of global brands such as Tesla, BMW, and Ford, which have been continuously expanding the scale of exports of cars manufactured in China, utilizing the lower local manufacturing costs to improve factory capacity utilization.

Nissan announced that it will establish a joint research center with Tsinghua University next year, focusing on the development of electric vehicles, including the development of charging infrastructure and battery recycling technology. “We hope this cooperation will help us gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese market and develop strategies that better meet the needs of Chinese customers”, said Makoto Uchida. 

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