NIO’s Third Brand “Firefly” First Car Revealed, Expected to Debut in Q3

Recently, a group of suspected spy photos of the first model of the new brand “Firefly” from NIO were exposed online.

From the spy photos exposed this time, the first model of “Firefly” has a very compact design. The overall size of the vehicle is similar to that of BYD Yuan, with a rounded and full shape, very cute.

(Source: HiEV)

Although most of the car body is still tightly covered with camouflage, it can be seen that the new car does not adopt the same design as NIO‘s current models. The front face design is very simple, and it is expected to also use a closed design.

On the side of the car, it seems that the new car does not adopt the more popular hidden door handle design. However, judging from the height of the body and chassis, this car does not seem to be an SUV model, but a sedan.

(Source: HiEV)

The design of the rear end looks simpler, with a rounded design for the trunk door, paired with a rear spoiler, highlighting the sporty feel of this car.

According to previous reports, NIO‘s third brand is positioned in the 100,000-200,000 yuan range and targets the mid-to-low-end market.

Previously, NIO‘s co-founder and president Qin Lihong stated that the third brand of NIO is expected to debut in Europe in the third quarter of this year. Targeting the European market, the third brand will focus on customizing small and micro electric vehicles for European users.

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