NIO’s Second Brand May Be Called “ONVO Auto,” With the First Car Named “ONVO L60”

On March 13th, blogger @你娃要爪子 shared the first real photos of NIO‘s second brand new car without camouflage. From the exterior, the new car presents a coupe SUV posture, with hidden door handles, smooth overall lines, and an upturned design at the rear.

This new car, compared to the main models of NIO, has removed the central LiDAR on the roof, but still has “corner” shaped cameras on both sides. Looking from the rear of the car, a “N”-shaped logo is installed with the word “ONVO” below it. The logos on both sides at the bottom are expected to become the official name of this new car – ONVO L60.

(Source: Weibo @你娃要爪子)

NIO has previously registered multiple new trademarks. According to previous reports, during the NIO financial report conference call on March 5th, CEO William Li revealed more information: The brand with the codenames ‘Alps / Dabie Mountains’ will be launched in the second quarter of this year, with the first product released in the third quarter and delivered in the fourth quarter.

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The brand will adopt a separate sales network and part of NIO‘s after-sales system, and share the battery swapping network with NIO. The deployment of the fourth-generation battery swapping stations started in April this year. It is worth mentioning that the cost of the first product is ‘about 10% lower than Tesla’.

The new car will be the first mass-produced model on NIO‘s NT3 platform (third-generation technology platform), positioned similar to the battery-swappable version of Tesla Model Y, and cheaper than the Model Y (25.89-36.39 million yuan).