NIO Fined for Poor Fire Prevention of Battery Swap Station

According to Chinese commercial inquiry platform Tianyancha on August 17, a NIO subsidiary was recently fined 30,000 yuan ($4,425) by the Beijing Chaoyang District Fire Rescue Detachment for violating local safety measures.

According to the announcement, on July 7, a fire broke out at a NIO battery swapping station in Chaoyang District. After investigation, the fire was caused by short circuit of accumulated water in the hub. It was determined that the company had not carried out regular internal fire safety inspections or eliminated the accumulated water in the hub, causing the fire.

NIO has invested heavily in the construction of power battery swapping stations. On July 6, the firm held Power Day 2022, and announced the plans of high-way battery swapping network, the third-generation power battery swapping station and 500kW supercharging piles in 2025. By 2025, NIO plans to lay out more than 4,000 power stations in the world, of which more than 3,000 will be replaced in China, and the coverage rate of “battery swapping area houses” (the distance between residential or office places and power battery swapping station is less than 3 km) will exceed 90%.

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On the same day, NIO announced that its Cijuelin Avenue battery swapping station in Lhasa, Tibet was put into operation. NIO has built 1,011 battery swapping stations (including 256 battery swapping stations on highways), 1,681 charging stations (9,603 charging piles) and it has connected more than 520,000 third-party charging piles. Overall, it has provided users with over 10 million individual battery swap services and over 820,000 one-click power charging services.