New XPeng SUV May Rival Tesla’s Model Y

Domestic firm XPeng‘s new SUV model, which has recently been covertly photographed while carrying out road tests, may become a powerful rival of Tesla’s Model Y, according to a report by Chinese media outlet Chedongxi on August 1.

Recently, Chinese web users published photos showing that the company’s brand-new SUV model was being tested in many places across the country. Judging from the pictures, the new model is a hatchback SUV with its front face adopting XPeng‘s symbolic design, and its overall side shape is very close to Tesla’s Model Y, which features frameless doors and hidden door handles.

(Source: Weibo user @Dianche Shizhang)

Although the test car is currently covered with camouflage stickers, it still can be seen that the company’s symbolic front face design is adopted, but its special shapes of pulling-through daytime running lamps are covered. They may have adopted a brand-new design, and have not yet been finalized or equipped.

In addition, the new car will adopt an integrated die-cast body with an internal code of F30, and its size is larger than the G3 model, according to some key suppliers.

The report also learned from sources that this brand-new SUV model may feature DJI’s Livox HAP Lidar, which is the same configuration as XPeng‘s P5, and not the same as G9’s RoboSense M1. DJI Livox HAP has a cost advantage, while its price of mass purchase by car companies will be lower, making it easier for XPeng Motors to consider it as the series’ standard configuration. The new model will be equipped with XPILOT3.5 intelligent hardware, which can realize high-level auxiliary driving functions like high-speed Navigation Guided Pilot for city driving and memory parking.

(Source: Weibo user @Dianche Shizhang)

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According to information in the firm’s prospectus, there are currently two electric vehicle platforms – David and Edward. The David platform is suitable for vehicles with a wheelbase of 2600 mm to 2800 mm, while the Edward platform is suitable for vehicles with a wheelbase of 2800 mm to 3100 mm. XPeng Motors Chairman He Xiaopeng said at the company’s 2021 performance conference that two new platforms and their first models will be released next year.

At present, the firm has two SUV models, namely the G3, which was launched in 2018, and the G9, which will be launched soon. The G3 model has entered the stage of product’s mid-term, and its competitiveness in the current pure electric SUV market, which are priced at 200,000 yuan ($29,540), is gradually weakening. In terms of price, because of the more expensive price (about over 300,000 yuan, namely $44,310), XPeng‘s G9 also faces challenges. From the perspective of product structure, the price difference between the G3 (minimum configuration) and the G9 (maximum configuration) will exceed 200,000 yuan ($29,540).

G3i (Source: XPeng Motors)

Therefore, the importance of XPeng‘s brand-new SUV model is self-evident, as it not only help the firm hold the market of medium-end and low-end pure electric SUVs, but also will explore the 200,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan ($29,540 – $44,310) SUV market to further increase its sales.