New Mac Pro to Postpone Delivery Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, it is estimated that the delivery time of Apple’s products including the iMac, Mac Pro and MacBook Pro to the United States will be delayed.

Reports emerged last week that these products were taking longer than expected to deliver, and now it has been confirmed that the outbreak has forced many Apple suppliers to temporarily close their factories and delay production.

According to, the Mac Pros that are ordered from the US are usually assembled domestically. However, other markets such as some European countries get their products from factories in China. Although the new Mac Pro ordered in the US is assembled in Texas, some of its components are produced by Quanta Computer at a factory in Shanghai. Due to the recent production delay at the Chinese factory, the new Mac Pro is estimated to be delivered to the US between February 24 and 26.

According to the Nikkei Asian Review, Apple has ordered the production of as many as 65 million older iPhones and 15 million iPhone 9s, all of which are now likely to be delayed. However, officials from Foxconn have denied the rumor, saying that the outbreak will not affect the delivery time of iPhone orders. Foxconn said that it has sufficient backup plans to ensure that the iPhone 9 order from Apple will be completed on time.