NetEase Media Launches Digital Collection Museum on News Platform

NetEase Media officially announced on August 5 its launch of the “NetEase News Digital Collection Museum,” supported by its self-developed alliance chain “Yiwen Chain.”

NetEase Media has launched several sets of themed digital collections since last year. The launch of the NetEase News Digital Collection Museum means that NetEase Media’s digital collection business is further matured in terms of technology and products. In the future, NetEase Media will seek to join hands with more partners to expand the innovation boundary of digital collections.

Li Miao, the vice president of NetEase Media, said: “We hope that in the metaverse era, through the combination of blockchain and new interactive technology, the performance and dissemination of content will be comprehensively upgraded again. Therefore, the NetEase News Digital Collection Museum is pursuing the ultimate experience from all dimensions such as functions, IP, operation and qualification.”

The NetEase News Digital Collection Museum has industry-leading security and stability in terms of on-chain digital assets, copyright protection and other aspects. At the same time, it has passed the blockchain information service record of the Cyberspace Administration of China.

The entrance of the platform is to be located within the NetEase News platform, which has tens of millions of users, bringing a smooth and stable experience to players, and ensuring the continuous updating of functions.

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At present, the NetEase News Digital Collection Museum has supported the casting and distribution of static and dynamic picture collections. Users can obtain them by redeeming, drawing lots, and buying mystery toy boxes. Sharing and transfer functions are also supported.