Netease Cloud Music Reaches Strategic Cooperation with Modern Sky

Netease Cloud Music has recently reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Modern Sky, the largest original music record company in China. The two sides have agreed to cooperate in regard to music copyright and music performance.

This is also the first time that NetEase Cloud Music has announced a copyright agreement with a well-known music record company since the recent government policy calling for an end to exclusive copyright agreements for online music in July.

At present, Netease Cloud Music has obtained copyright authorization from Modern Sky, including the access to the works of many famous bands and musicians such as New Pants, Miserable Faith, Re-TROS, Dada Band, Wu Tiago Ren, Mr. Sea Turtle, Ma Di, Yao Shisan, Tizzy T and Man Shuke. In the future, both sides will provide more high-quality music for consumers.

Founded in 1997, Modern Sky is the largest original music record company and music lifestyle operator in China, with a broad catalogue of musicians and music works.

Over the past 20 years, Modern Sky has released nearly 300 records, covering rock bands, folk musicians, independent pop singers, Hip-Hop musicians, and others. It has attracted some of the biggest and best in the Chinese original independent music scene.

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As of March 2021, the MAU of Netease‘s cloud music platform exceeded 183 million, and about 90% of the active users were post-90s and post-00s. The daily average listening time of daily users was 76.5 minutes, and 2.8 of every 10 songs were recommended by the platform, creating a community featuring high user stickiness and interaction.