NetEase Cloud Music Conducts Alpha Tests for Social App

NetEase Cloud Music has recently tested a new product called “MUS,” its first music-based social app, Tech Planet reported on Wednesday. The name MUS is the abbreviation of “music with us.” The product is still in the alpha testing stage, and it currently requires an invitation code for registration and use.

MUS is based on the analysis of users’ listening data, such as whether they have the same collection of songs, whether most of the songs in the cycle are the same, whether they listen to the same songs at a similar time, and so on. The app then matches users that exhibit similarities.

Following matches, users can check the details of what they have in common with friends of the same frequency. In addition, MUS analyzes users’ personalities through music. Overall, it seems that the social matching mechanism of MUS is somewhat similar to Soul.

Chatting between users adopts a countdown mode, so that harassment and awkward interactions can be avoided, and only those who truly share similar interests in music can become friends on the platform.

For NetEase Cloud Music, this social app can better provide an independent social platform for its users.

In recent years, NetEase Cloud Music has frequently tried to enter the social media field. In 2019, it tested the “NetEase Cloud Music Friends” mini program, allowing users to make friends with others showing similar tastes in songs. It later launched such functions as matching and chatting.

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Socialization is an important scenario for monetization. According to the financial report of NetEase Cloud Music in 2022, in the first quarter, the number of paid users of its social entertainment service reached 1,181,700, an increase of about 170% year-on-year.