NETA Auto and BOE Varitronix Begin Strategic Cooperation

On August 4, NETA Auto, a new energy vehicle brand under Hozon Auto, began its strategic cooperation with BOE Varitronix Ltd., an LCD company. Both parties will pool their resources to lay out intelligent consoles and related solutions in depth, and to further strengthen research on core technologies.

Zhang Yong, CEO of NETA Auto and Su Ning, CEO of BOE Varitronix (Source: NETA Auto)

As the global vehicle business platform of BOE Group, the close cooperation between BOE Varitronix and NETA Auto has a long history. As early as 2018, the two sides have already established a stable cooperative relationship in the fields of intelligent consoles such as automobile instrument panels and central control panels, and have achieved some success.

The NETA S, a mass production model built with the cooperation by both parties, went on sale on July 31. The 17.6-inch 2.5-K super-large ultra-clear suspended central control screen jointly developed by the two companies and implemented in the NETA S will become the largest in-car vertical screen in the industry, bringing users an innovative display and interaction with a sense of science and technology.

NETA S (Source: NETA Auto)

At the same time, the central control screen of the NETA S incorporates a narrow frame into its design with the narrowest point measuring only 6.5 mm. The screen itself accounts for more than 90%, maximizing the display area, while the thinnest portion of the central control panel is only 13.3 mm, far thinner than the industry average of 18mm.

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In the future, NETA Auto will build a more futuristic and sci-fi intelligent console with the help of BOE’s powerful technology and product system in the field of vehicle display, and then continue to bring a cutting-edge intelligent electric driving experience to users.

NETA Auto has performed very well in the Chinese market recently. As of July 2022, NETA Auto has delivered a total of 173,145 vehicles. In July 2022, NETA Auto ranked first among the new energy vehicle manufacturers with a total sales volume of 14,037 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 134% and a year-on-year increase for 25 consecutive months, including 1,382 overseas sales.