NavInfo Reaches Strategic Cooperation With CAIC

Beijing-based digital map enterprise NavInfo signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on July 27 with automotive industry R&D platform China Automotive Innovation Corporation (CAIC). Under the arrangement, the two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation regarding fields of high-precision maps, high-accuracy positioning, chips, intelligent cockpits and autonomous driving.

As for high-precision maps and high-precision location services, through high-precision map crowdsourcing tool chain and data-related cooperation, both sides can realize dynamic updates of high-precision maps legally and optimize the production costs of HD maps. Therefore, the two parties will provide better, fast and low-cost high-precision map services for various industries.

In terms of chips, the two sides will jointly define, develop, popularize and apply the next generation of chips.

Regarding intelligent cockpits, they will cooperate deeply in the fields of intelligent cockpit operating systems, cockpit SOC chips, related products, intelligent travel services, vehicle-mounted big data application, AR creator, cockpit AI algorithm. They will form a platform accumulation of technological advantages in the above fields, and quickly popularize and apply their products.

They will also jointly develop and deploy advanced intelligent driving software and hardware integration schemes to further promote the large-scale commercial application of autonomous driving technology. In addition, both parties will jointly promote the cooperation scheme for industry customers, fully supporting the smooth implementation of the integration project through life-cycle services including pre-sales, delivery and after-sales.

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After signing the agreement, CAIC and NavInfo will give full play to their respective resource advantages, provide each other with high-quality and priority products and services, jointly building a platform for the industries to develop new businesses and expand new markets collaboratively.

NavInfo is a provider of digital maps, autonomous driving, automotive electronic chips, big data on locations and networking solutions for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Founded on June 29, 2020, CAIC received joint investment from China FAW, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Changan Automobile, China South Industries Group Corporation and Jiangning Jingkai Technology Corporation, with an accumulation of funds totaling 1.6 billion yuan ($237.8 million). It is positioned as an industrialization platform for cutting-edge and common core technology R&D of new energy intelligent and connected vehicles.