Morion Secures B Round of Financing

On Tuesday, Guangdong Morion NanoTech (Morion) announced that it had completed a B round of financing worth over 100 million yuan ($15.7 million). Zhao Hongzhong, CEO of Morion, revealed that this round of financing will be used mainly for the construction of production lines, the R&D of products, and business development.

Morion products include graphene materials, thermal management products, graphene and plasmonic micro- and nano-cavity superconducting film, as well as graphene new energy conductivity materials.

Through cooperation with leading chemical enterprises, Morion has developed a complete pipeline to produce and integrate graphene raw material production into a bigger chemical production system. The company’s workflow helps reduce production costs and ensure the stable supply of products.

The company has also established its own production lines and bases. Its coating film-forming production line began production in 2019 with a heat treatment base in Yunnan province. Another production base is able to mass produce thermal conductive films for electronic products.

At present, the graphene thermal conductive film developed by Morion has performed well in key indicators such as weather resistance, heat flux and thermal conductivity. Its products have been supplied to several leading manufacturers, with an annual supply capacity of 1 million square meters. In addition, Morion has expanded its customer base while investing in the R&D and mass production of products that can be put to use in the fields of 5G, new energy batteries and new energy vehicles.

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The companyis also actively exploring high-end fields such as aerospace and biomedicine. Morion revealed that it has cooperated with at least one satellite company. It is expected that a satellite equipped with Morion graphene components will be launched later this year.

Morion, established in 2015, is a high-tech new material company specializing in the application and development of advanced materials focusing on graphene. At present, the firm has mastered a variety of graphene-related technologies and applied for several international patents.