Mobvoi Releases Low-Price Portable Mini Speakers

Mobvoi released its portable smart speaker box, TicHome Mini, for Chinese users. The TicHome Mini will be priced 499 yuan, and the Taobao crowdfunding price will be 399 yuan.

The international version of the TicHome Mini was released in September. It is characterized by being portable and waterproof. The total weight is 280 grams, including its built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery. A two-hour charge can provide power for six hours of music and 17 hours in standby. In general, the speaker box can be used for a whole day after a full charge.

The TicHome Mini has a waterproof function that reaches the IPX6 level, and has a waterproof microphone and speakers, which can be played outdoors in rain or snow, or in a home bathroom.

TicHome Min won the Japan Good Design Award in 2017, and its design is quite eye-pleasing. It is a disc shape with a leather strap, so it is convenient to use both portable or suspended.

The Tichome Mini is also available for NFC bluetooth. It has built-in NFC chips, which can be paired with bluetooth within a second, as long as the NFC-enabled smart phone makes gentle contact.

In terms of sound, the TicHome Mini uses a reflective cone design and 360-degree full-tone design. The speaker selects the 3W loudspeaker, providing a better and clearer output at the same volume.

In terms of content, the TicHome Mini has children’s content, music radio, smart home and other functions. By the end of this year, the TicHome Mini will also have children’s synthetic speech TTS.

Mobvoi is designing a full smart home solution for the family. At present, the TicHome Mini has implemented more than 40 categories of voice control. The full house smart home scheme is also being launched in collaboration with HOME LINK Group, Greenland Group, CRLAND and other large residential and commercial real estate projects.

This article originally appeared in DoNews and was translated by Pandaily.