Mobike Partners with Louis Vuitton to Provide Location-Based Services

On Nov. 15, Mobike announced that it has struck a partnership with Louis Vuitton, the French luxury brand, in launching location-based services.

Mobike users will receive a digital invitation to the Louis Vuitton exhibition as soon as they open their bike-sharing app. The exhibition is titled Volez, Voguez, Voyagez, (Fly, Sail, Travel) and will be launched on Nov. 16.  This year’s exhibition is an artistic rendition of Louis Vuitton’s 164-year old history. Last year, it took place in New York but this year it has come all the way to Shanghai, China.

Mobike LV
Mobike user will receive a digital invitation to the Louis Vuitton exhibition (photo credit to: Mobike)

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Another interesting feature is that the vehicle icons shown in the app have changed to match the theme of the Louis Vuitton Event.

Mobike LV partner
Mobike Partners with Louis Vuitton (photo credit to Mobike)

In addition, Mobike has officially launched Location-based Services (LBS), using big data to do marketing in accordance with local features. The core mechanism of LBS is that it will automatically recognize the current location of the user, and inform them of the events in surrounding areas, where to sign up, acquire the virtual badges of the brand, and participate in certain events.

Prior to this, Mobike has been exploring a variety of interesting commercialization attempts with a number of brands, including top international brands like Google and Coca-Cola. For example, Google Translate chose Mobike as the first stop for its domestic marketing campaigns, the banners and advertisements have helped increasing brand exposure. For brands with high interactive demand, Mobike also customized various offline marketing approaches, including encouraging users to exchange accumulated riding kilometers for rewards.

Featured photo credit to Mobike