Midjourney Releases Chinese Version on Tencent Platform

On the evening of May 15th, AI image generators Midjourney released a notice on Tencent‘s WeChat platform titled ‘Beta Application of Midjourney’s Chinese Version’, inviting Chinese creators to join the beta testing of Midjourney’s official Chinese version

It should be noted that Midjourney officials have stated that the Chinese version of Midjourney is available on the Tencent‘s QQ channel. Users can apply to join the channel by scanning the official QR code through QQ. As for whether Midjourney and QQ are in exclusive cooperation, as of press time, no specific response has been obtained

Midjourney stated that after joining the QQ channel, users can summon the Midjourney robot to create art by typing in Chinese in the channel. In addition to being able to call up the latest models and all parameters of MJ and Niji, Midjourney has also launched new features such as upscale, variation, remix, image prompt, DM-to-Bot and gallery, etc

In addition to the regular painting channels, Midjourney also has different themed creation channels in the community, such as science fiction, character design, scene design, fashion, photography and abstract art.

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Midjourney is an AI-powered application software that has gained popularity in the current wave of artificial intelligence, second only to OpenAI and ChatGPT. Users can input keywords and Midjourney will generate corresponding images using AI algorithms. Midjourney made its debut in March 2022 and gained recognition with its V5 version and AI-generated artwork in 2023. Its founder, David Holz, previously founded Leap Motion and worked as a researcher at NASA. According to their official website, Midjourney team has a total of 11 full-time employees, including 1 founder, 8 developers, 1 finance personnel and 1 legal personnel.

Previously, Tencent released “Hunyuan Large Language Model”. During the financial report conference call, Tencent executives stated that ChatGPT and AI will bring a multiplier effect to performance growth, providing higher quality content for social, gaming and communication businesses. They also mentioned that if there are very good chatbots available, they will integrate them into WeChat and QQ.