Meituan Launches One-stop Enterprise Consumption Management Solution

Chinese food delivery giant Meituan launched “Meituan Enterprise Edition” on April 13, a one-stop service for enterprise consumption management. A new brand image and app were set for the service that aims to solve issues such as complex reimbursement processes, opaque consumption, difficult cost control, and limited supply resources for enterprise consumption.

Meituan‘s Senior Vice President Wang Puzhong discussed how digitalization in enterprise management is evolving beyond organizational management to include employee management. He also noted that employees’ needs are becoming more varied and focused on quality and flexibility, which requires companies to adapt their consumption patterns accordingly.

Previously, employees in enterprises encountered various challenges such as advance payment fees and complicated reimbursement procedures. Additionally, functional department staff, including human resources administration, finance, and procurement, faced difficulties coordinating employee feedback, high communication expenses, and extensive invoice reviews. These issues arose due to the absence of a comprehensive one-stop solution for enterprise consumption management.

The Meituan Enterprise Edition focuses on four key areas: cost reduction, efficiency improvement, compliance, and experience. By providing pre-, during-, and post-process control services along with data capabilities, it effectively reduces management costs for enterprises while improving the efficiency of financial, personnel, administrative and other related processes. On average, each employee can save 4.4 hours of reimbursement time per month after accessing the Meituan Enterprise Edition. This results in a 90% improvement in the efficiency of enterprise financial-related processes.

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By March 2023, Meituan Enterprise Edition had provided services to almost ten thousand corporate clients across over 20 industries such as biopharmaceuticals, financial banking, fast-moving consumer goods, new energy, software and information technology services. Meituan also announced its decision to offer free service packages to 11,000 enterprises. These packages will help them create customized consumption management solutions that cater to their specific needs and applications. The packages also include exclusive one-on-one consulting services and in-depth training sessions.