MediaTek: 7 Billion AI Large Language Model Lands on the Latest Flagship Smartphone from Vivo

On October 18th, MediaTek announced a deep collaboration and joint optimization with Vivo in the field of AI. They have successfully implemented the deployment of 1 billion and 7 billion AI large language models, as well as a 1 billion AI visual large model on mobile devices.

According to the introduction, MediaTek Dimensity mobile chips will empower Vivo’s latest flagship phone to be the first to integrate edge AI with large-scale models. The generative AI deployed on the device side has significant advantages in protecting user information security, improving real-time performance, and achieving personalized user experiences.

MediaTek also stated that the next-generation flagship AI processor APU and AI development platform NeuroPilot can significantly improve the operational efficiency of large models on the terminal side, providing powerful AI computing power and performance for Vivo’s edge-generated AI applications.

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Vivo recently announced that it will hold the 2023 Developer Conference on November 1st at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. This conference will unveil Vivo’s self-developed AI model, self-developed operating system, and the highly anticipated OriginOS 4.