Marketing Technology Company JINGdigital Secures A+ Round of Financing

After receiving 80 million yuan ($11.94 million) in an A round of financing in June last year, JINGdigital, a marketing tech firm, announced on Friday that it had completed a round of A+ financing totaling 50 million yuan bringing the total amount raised to 130 million yuan.

Linear Capital, as the leading investor of JINGdigital in the round A financing, continues to serve as the leading investor in round A+. Infaith Group also participated in the round A+ investment.

JINGdigital is a marketing automation service provider. By providing digital marketing optimization solutions based on WeChat’s platform for brands, the company helps enterprises solve problems such as omni-channel customer acquisition, data tracking and insights, and third-party system docking.

Up until now, JINGdigital’s products have served more than 500 medium and large enterprises with more than 300 employees spread throughout China’s first-tier cities. The core industries it covers include high-tech, manufacturing, life sciences, business services, education and others.

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Hong Kai, co-founder and CEO of JINGdigital, has more than 15 years of experience in strategy, marketing, management and entrepreneurship, and worked in Siemens, Bain Consulting and Cisco.