Logistics Firm SF Express Launches “Zero Carbon Future” Project

On Earth Day on Friday, Chinese delivery services and logistics company SF Express launched the industry’s first “Zero Carbon Future” project.

The company plans to build a standard carbon management system by integrating various environmental protection measures and building an intelligent carbon management digital platform.

In terms of parcel receiving and dispatching, SF Express will apply self-developed large and small unmanned aerial vehicles to expand its delivery scope and provide highly efficient and environmentally friendly logistics services.

During the transit process, SF Express will optimally allocate warehousing resources based on big data, and will introduce fully automated sorting and site management systems to improve the efficiency of warehousing and transshipment, thus saving more energy.

SF Express also uses intelligent maps to generate routes, providing optimal paths through intelligent algorithms, in combination with factors such as express delivery timeliness and distance.

The company also deploys big data analysis and deep learning technology to integrate freight routes and transportation resources, achieve accurate matching between vehicles and goods. This can improve land transportation efficiency.

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SF Express revealed a green carbon energy platform at the end of 2021, advocating consumers to obtain “green energy” by choosing to use recycled packaging, offering certain benefits including gifts and coupons.

In 2021, SF Express started the innovative reduction and standardization of eight categories of materials, including plastic bags, adhesive tape, stickers and seals according to different scenarios. This has reportedly helped to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 279,000 tons through green packaging.