LinkSure Network Launched Satellite Network Program — Realising Global Free Internet Access by 2026

On November 27, LinkSure Network officially launched its satellite network program — “LinkSure Swarm Constellation System.” The company’s first satellite “LinkSure No.1” will be launched into space together with the Long March rocket in 2019.

The “LinkSure Swarm Constellation System” is developed independently by LinkSure Network’s satellite team, aiming to solve internet access in areas uncovered by terrestrial networks. The ultimate goal is to provide free satellite network around the globe by 2026.

An Yang, the chief scientist of the LinkSure network satellite team
An Yang, the chief scientist of the LinkSure network satellite team (Source: LinkSure Network)

“The whole planet can be separated into two parts, the part with internet coverage and the part without. Our goal is to connect everyone, whether it’s in the mountains, ocean or deserts,” said An Yang, the chief scientist of the LinkSure Network satellite team.

The system has two layers of satellites, which consist of 72 core satellites 1000 km above the ground and 200 node satellites that are 600 km away from the ground. Yang also mentions that each satellite houses a robot that automatically copes with malfunctions and ensures a healthy operating status.

In 2014, the State Council officially announced Document No. 60, explicitly encouraging the investment of private capital in national civil space infrastructure. The company set up its official satellite team in 2016. The first satellite will be launched at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center (JSLC) in 2019. The first set of ten satellites will be launched in 2020.

(Source: LinkSure Network)

Internet satellites have become a hot topic in European and American tech firms in recent years. Similar space projects from companies such as OneWeb, Telesat and SpaceX, led by Elon Musk, have all received permission from Federal Communications Commission (FCC). According to Washington Post, SpaceX has just been authorized to build a network that blankets the earth in wireless Internet access.

LinkSure Network has been focusing on bridging the digital inequalities to provide free internet access worldwide. According to the latest statistics from the China Internet Network Information Center, or CNNIC, there are still 588 million people in China with no access to the internet as of June 2018.

According to the 2017 App Annie’s list, the top four apps with the most monthly active users are are from Facebook, Tencent, Alibaba and LinkSure Network . According to the App Top500 list of the first quarter of 2018 released by Cheetah Mobile Big data, WiFi Master Key ranked amongst the top three together with WeChat and QQ in terms of penetration rate. As of August 2018, LinkSure Network reached 900 million monthly active users.

In terms of public welfare, the company’s “Dream Key” charity project has also brought internet access to 241 schools in remote mountain areas, which has benefited over 27,000 children.

Featured photo credit to LinkSure Network