Li Auto’s Founder Calls For Unified Language Terms for Automatic Driving in China

This Monday, Li Xiang, the founder of Li Auto, posted a Moment on WeChat saying, “It is suggested to unify the Chinese standard for automatic driving to the following classification: L2 = assisted driving; L3 = automatic assisted driving; L4 = automatic driving; L5 = driverless. There is no redundant Chinese characters, so as to avoid the misunderstanding of users.”

Recently, a netizen posted a video which showed that in a Ideal One car, both the driver and the co-pilot were lying down while using the L2 road driving assistance system on the highway. In response to this post, Li Auto said on its official Weibo account that they are resolutely opposed to such improper use of the feature.

On August 14, the official account of “Meiyihao” issued an obituary on WeChat for its founder, saying that, on August 12, Lin Wenqin died in a car accident after driving a Nio ES8 car with the automatic driving function (NOP pilot state) enabled. This event thus caused a heated discussion online about the vehicle’s driving assisted function.

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