Li Auto Responds to Rumors That Their Products Contain Mercury

In response to a video saying that Li Auto‘s vehicle contains mercury, the company responded that they did not use toxic mercury in any production phase.

On the evening of July 4th, a user who purchased Li Auto‘s vehicle in April posted three videos in the company’s app, saying that a substance found on the seat could be mercury.

In the video, the owner removes the seat and finds traces of mercury in an amount more than ten times higher than in a thermometer.

Excessive inhalation of highly toxic mercury vapor or compound dust will lead to poisoning. Li Auto responded on Monday that they would attach great importance to this accident and begin investigation as soon as possible. “Our company does not use mercury in product design, raw material selection, manufacturing, transportation and delivery,” the Beijing-based firm said, adding: “Mercury is easily volatile. If users can see that liquid mercury, it must be left over in a relatively short period of time. The ‘mercury’ must be caused by external behavior.”

Li Xiang, the founder of Li Auto, expressed dissatisfaction through his personal Weibo account on Monday, but he quickly deleted the post.

Established in 2015, by the end of June Li Auto had 97 retail centers, covering 64 Chinese cities.

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On July 2, the firm announced it achieved a monthly record of 7,713 Li ONEs’ deliveries in June, more than XPeng‘s 6,565 figure. The company’s new orders in the same month, which surpassed 10,000, also hit a record high.