Li Auto L9 to Come With Leiniao Air Smart Glasses

On August 22, Chinese consumer electronics firm Leiniao announced its cooperation with Li Auto. From August 25, Leiniao Air smart glasses will be available in the Li Auto’s online mall  and will become an official accessory of Li Auto‘s L9 vehicle model.

Leiniao Air was released in April this year, and is positioned as a consumer-grade pair of smart glasses. They adopt polarized “Birdbath + MicroOLED” technology. Li Auto‘s L9 is an intelligent flagship SUV with “five-screen interactive + 4D immersive audio-visual experience.” The model is dedicated to creating an immersive home drive-in cinema for consumers.

The interior of Li L9 (Source: Li Auto)

Leiniao Air can be directly connected with the rear audio-visual system of Li Auto L9. Simply by plugging the data cable at the leg of the glasses into the rear DP socket, the content on the 15.7-inch display of Li Auto car is displayed in the glasses with a 140-inch HD screen. Thanks to the rich resources within the Li L9 AV system and the HD giant screen display of Leiniao Air, passengers will be able to easily enjoy a theater-like stunning audio-visual experience in the cabin and during the journey.

Data show that in 2021, the penetration rate of intelligent cockpits of passenger cars in the Chinese market was higher than 50%. The three major parts of hardware, software and interaction constitute the important elements of intelligent cockpit. Among them, AR and VR have become a new direction for car companies to explore operational interactions and experience enhancement. This cooperation between Li Auto and Leiniao is an innovative way for upgrading consumer experience, and it is also a reflection of the industry development trend.

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Li Auto has been constantly exploring ecological cooperation opportunities. In March this year, it announced cooperation with Honor. Li Auto consumers can use smartphones running MagicUI 6.0, such as Honor Magic 4, and in this way, they can lock and unlock cars automatically. When users approach the car with an Honor phone, they can unlock the car automatically by pulling the door handle, start it automatically by pressing the brake pedal, and lock it automatically by moving away from the car.