Li Auto’s Li L6 Listed: Starting at 249,800 Yuan, Mass Delivery Will Start in May

On the evening of April 18th, at Li Auto‘s Li L6 launch event, Li L6 was officially announced to be on sale with a starting price of 249,800 yuan and will begin mass deliveries in May.

Li L6 is positioned as a mid-size SUV with a length of 4925 mm, width of 1960 mm, and height of 1735 mm. It is equipped with an electric three-person sofa, panoramic sunroof, independent air conditioning, compressor refrigerator, quiet cabin seats etc., and the trunk supports one-touch electric folding and resetting.

Li L6 is an extended-range four-wheel drive vehicle with a comprehensive range of 1390 kilometers in CLTC mode and a pure electric range of 212 kilometers. Li Auto stated that the Li L6 is equipped with an extended-range electric system based on a new generation of lithium iron phosphate batteries, featuring a newly developed high-energy density iron lithium core that balances high power performance, especially when combined with optimized vehicle energy consumption and aerodynamic resistance to enhance endurance capabilities. The Li L6 achieves an 80% charge from 20% in just 20 minutes.

The Li L6 comes standard with CDC sports suspension. The front double wishbone and rear five-link suspension structure can simultaneously balance handling and comfort. The CDC sports suspension can actively adjust damping according to road conditions every millisecond, continuously adapting to changes in the road surface for better overall shock absorption.

In terms of safety, the Li L6 is equipped with 9 airbags as standard, including front far-side airbags and second-row seat side airbags. For AEB emergency braking, on the AD Max model equipped with a laser radar, it achieves emergency braking stopping against large trucks at speeds up to 120 km/h; on the AD Pro model relying on visual algorithms, it can achieve stops at speeds up to 80 km/h in nighttime environments.

In terms of intelligence, Li Auto has achieved four-screen interaction in the car. The four-screen interaction of Li L6 includes a central control screen, a passenger entertainment screen, a safety driving interactive screen, and HUD head-up display. The front row features dual 15.7-inch 3K large screens and two screens specially designed for the driver: the safety driving interactive screen and ultra-high-definition HUD.

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Li L6 has two sets of intelligent driving configurations: Li Auto Intelligent Driving AD Pro focuses on pure vision with an intelligent driving chip with 128 TOPS computing power. AD Pro will be upgraded to AD Pro 3.0 synchronously with the delivery of Li L6; Li Auto Intelligent Driving AD Max combines visual and lidar redundancy with an intelligent driving chip featuring 508 TOPS computing power. Li Auto for enhancing advanced intelligent driving capabilities.

In terms of price, the Li L6 Pro is priced at 249,800 yuan, and the Li L6 Max is priced at 279,800 yuan. The Li L6 will start delivering to the first batch of users next week and will begin mass deliveries in May.