Lenovo’s Sophisticated AI PC Will Debut in China on April 18th

On April 1st, Lenovo Group Limited‘s 2024/2025 fiscal year oath-taking ceremony was held in Beijing. Yang Yuanqing, Chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group Limited, announced that the Lenovo Tech World will be held in Shanghai on April 18th. The sophisticated AI PC with five major features will debut in the Chinese market first.

At last year’s Tech World in October, Lenovo globally showcased the AI PC for the first time, highlighting its powerful computing capabilities and advanced AI technology. The personal large model with a local knowledge base on the PC – Artificial Intelligence Twin (AI TWIN) became the focus of industry attention. Yang Yuanqing emphasized at today’s oath-taking ceremony that the personal AI TWIN will be able to store massive amounts of personal data and perform reasoning, greatly expanding our ‘memory’ capacity and enhancing our thinking, judgment, and decision-making abilities. The AI TWIN will transcend physical bodies, permanently existing in the world; in a digital sense, ‘immortality’ may no longer be just a fantasy.

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Yang Yuanqing further stated that in the five major features of AI PCs, each one has a breakthrough point in Lenovo’s self-developed technology and the potential to define industry technical benchmarks for Lenovo. From embedded personal large model compression technology to using natural interactive intelligent agents, and then to personal knowledge bases; from local heterogeneous AI computing power including CPU, GPU, NPU, to user data and privacy security barriers, supplemented by an open AI application ecosystem, each one is a field where Lenovo has been deeply cultivating for many years and an opportunity for Lenovo to surpass its competitors.

Technology for all has always been the mission of Lenovo. As early as the 1990s, Lenovo promoted the widespread use of personal computers among consumers through multimedia home computers. Around 2000, it further popularized the Internet in China through internet-connected computers. This time, Lenovo will lead artificial intelligence into thousands of households and various industries with AI PCs.