Lenovo Responds to Headquarters Logo Being Painted as “Huawei”

On December 13th, after a heavy snowfall in Beijing, someone noticed that the logo at the entrance of Lenovo Building was covered with snow and had the word “HuaWei” on it. This incident sparked widespread discussion on the internal forum of Lenovo.

The leaked internal screenshot of Lenovo’s intranet shows that a “senior manager” on the Lenovo forum responded to a post, stating, “Brand image and trademark are important intangible assets of a company. The company’s logo is not just a simple design; it represents the values, culture, and trust of the consumers. Therefore, intentional destruction of the company’s logo, especially graffitiing it into the image of a competitor, is not only damaging to the corporate image but also openly challenging its reputation and business ethics.”

This “senior manager” hopes that everyone will actively report the employee who defaced the company logo as a competitor, and states that the company will handle it seriously and will definitely punish them severely.

The incident continues to ferment, attracting a lot of netizens’ attention on social media. Some netizens commented, “I don’t know if it’s funnier that NetEase has a Tencent-branded coffee machine or that Lenovo has a Huawei logo.” “Being in Cao camp but having Han heart, who secretly changed the logo…”… There are also netizens leaving messages saying “Lenovo’s vision is too narrow.”

In the evening of that day, Lenovo Group Limited‘s China Marketing Department responded to this matter on Weibo through their official account @一起联想. They said, “After a long-awaited heavy snowfall, our employees had some fun. It was just a doodle on the packaging box. When opened, it turned out to be this.” And attached is a photo of the logo monument after snow removal.

According to reports, regarding the response of “severe punishment” in the screenshot circulating online, an internal Lenovo employee has denied it, stating that the original screenshot came from an internal forum’s employee discussion section and is not from an official company account. It is a misunderstanding.

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