Huawei Signs Global Patent Cross-Licensing Agreement with vivo and Amazon

On March 5th, Huawei and vivo announced that they have signed a global patent cross-licensing agreement. The agreement covers basic patents for cellular communication standards, including the 5G standard.

Previously, Huawei had reached similar global patent cross-licensing agreements with Xiaomi and OPPO.

On the same day, Huawei and Amazon announced that they have signed a multi-year patent cross-licensing agreement, resolving the litigation between the two parties. Most of the terms of the transaction were not disclosed, but Alan Fan, head of Huawei’s intellectual property department, stated that Huawei has ended its lawsuit against Amazon in Germany over WiFi and video playback related patent technologies.

Huawei’s Intellectual Property Department Minister Alan Fan said: “Huawei is pleased to have reached a patent cross-licensing agreement with Amazon. Through patent licensing, more companies can use proprietary technology, which will help provide consumers with more innovative products and services.”

Amazon’s Vice President of Intellectual Property, Scott Hayden, said: “Amazon respects Huawei’s global patent portfolio, innovation achievements, and contributions to the standardization process. We also respect Huawei’s efforts in licensing patents to companies like Amazon. Thanks to these industry technical standards, we are able to invent new products and services for customers.”

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