Lanli Energy Bags Tens of Millions of Yuan in Angel-Round Financing

Lanli Energy, a Chinese mobile energy services provider, announced on July 12 that it has received tens of millions of yuan in angel-round financing, led by BlueRun Ventures. These funds will be used for the R&D, commercial operation and cooperative promotion of distributed mobile energy storage products.

Established in 2021, Lanli Energy focuses on providing charging solutions for new energy vehicles. It strives to integrate power batteries with charging equipment. It has also built a dynamic new energy power network combining distributed optical energy storage, charging and inspection. The service has been initially launched in Hangzhou.

The firm dynamically integrates energy storage batteries and charging piles into vehicles. When users need to charge their cars, they can place orders on the firm’s mini program or official app, and Lanli Energy will dispatch staff and vehicles for on-site charging services.

The company’s advantages in hardware equipment are mainly in safety and efficiency. It integrates temperature control intervention, automatic fire fighting, battery “cloud + edge computing” warnings and other systems used in energy storage power stations, and also combines mobility with stable features.

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With the team’s more than ten years of experience with technology and data accumulation in related fields, the firm regards data-driven AI and algorithmic engines as the core, integrating battery digital twin systems. It uses time series neural network, high-precision multidimensional parameter estimation on products such as lithium batteries, allowing the status of battery products to be accurately monitored. This can ensure charging safety, active risk protection, and vehicle battery user portrait management.

Lanli Energy provides various types of mobile energy replenishment services to all kinds of new energy vehicle owners. In addition to clearing fees according to users’ temporary needs, it also launches charging package services.

With the strong development of new energy vehicles in recent years, by the end of 2021, the number of NEVs in China reached 7.84 million, and the sales penetration rate of new energy passenger cars has exceeded 15%.