Kuaishou’s Search Service Releases New Slogan: Respond to Every Lifestyle with Your Own Lifestyle

Chinese short video sharing platform Kuaishou has released a brand new slogan for its search service – “Respond to Every Lifestyle with Your Own Lifestyle” – as seen in its first TV commercial and the latest information released on Monday.

The core idea conveyed by the new slogan is that Kuaishou’s search service takes life-oriented content as a connection, pays attention to the emotional resonance and exploration behind each answer, and the life inspiration of Kuaishou’s users brought by a diversified search experience.

As of August, the average number of daily searches on the Kuaishou platform exceeded 300 million. In the past two months, the search volume related to e-commerce in Kuaishou has witnessed a month-on-month increase of 31%, among which the three categories with highest increase are luxury, virtual services and food. From April to September, the average daily consumption of advertisements related to search services on Kuaishou increased by 260%, while the scale and revenue doubled.

The development of Kuaishou’s search services is based on its monthly active users, diversified content and social attributes. According to the second quarter financial report by Kuaishou, the number of average monthly active users in the first half of the year was 513 million. The platform witnessed over 180 million monthly active users from overseas markets in June.

“Kuaishou’s search service realizes not only the matching of questions and answers, but also the connection between two people and their lives,” Kuaishou officials said. According to informed sources, Kuaishou’s search team will focus on creating commercial products and services this year.

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Additionally, according to a report released by Aurora Mobile Limited, the utilization rate of short video search has increased to 68.7%, ranking second only to independent search platforms. With the diversified content of short video platforms, the search behavior is no longer limited to information, but is integrated into the daily life and work of users.