Kuaishou Works With Royal Society Of Chemistry To Promote STEM Education In China

Kuaishou, the Chinese short video streaming platform, is working with the Royal Society of Chemistry in the United Kingdom to develop a science summer camp named Rising Star China Chemistry Camp. The project aims to deliver better science education to Chinese students in poverty-stricken areas.

The summer camp will provide a platform for students to engage in scientific experiments in groups. This could also enhance teaching capabilities and teaching methods of teachers in less developed areas. With more efforts and overseas collaborations, STEM education will no longer be the privilege of urban families.

Boasting a history of over 177 years, Royal Society of Chemistry is one of the most well-established chemistry societies in the world. As of now, with two offices in Beijing and Shanghai, the society has frequently organized various activities across China including chemistry demonstration experiments and scientific gatherings.

Kuaishou, the Chinese internet company that co-sponsored this program, aims to build a short video platform for ordinary people to record and share their lives. Its main advantage compared to other short video apps, is the authenticity and crudeness of the content uploaded. As of the end of 2018, Kuaishou had already garnered over 160 million daily active users, with 15 million videos uploaded daily.

David G. Evans, one of the essential members in the faculty team of the summer camp earned his doctorate degree at Oxford university in 1984, and has worked for Beijing University of Chemical Technology since 1996. He has also recently become an internet celebrity after posting a series of interesting and entertaining chemistry videos on Kuaishou. Many believe that his lessons filled with eye-catching chemical reactions, help break the shackles of traditional chemistry courses. He now has 2 million followers on his Kuaishou account.

Professor David G. Evans (source: Kuaishou)