Kuaishou Sets Up Enterprise-Oriented Business Department

Chinese short video streaming and sharing platform Kuaishou announced on August 3 that it will hold a StreamLake brand launch event in Beijing on August 10, where it will release audio and video AI products and solutions for various industries, indicating that the firm is officially entering the enterprise-oriented field.

Kuaishou also announced that Chen Dingjia, Chief Technology Officer, Yu Bing, Senior Vice President and head of the StreamLake business, and Wang Zhongyuan, head of AI technology, will give keynote speeches at the launch event. They will disclose the StreamLake brand and products for the first time, analyze the development trend of audio and video AI technology, helping the industry to upgrade and become more intelligent.

According to many Chinese media reports, Kuaishou has recently set up an independent business department called “StreamLake,” which is responsible for the R&D of enterprise-related businesses. Head of the new business Yu Bing reports to Chen Dingjia, CTO of Kuaishou.

In addition, on July 29, Kuaishou held the 2022 Photosynthetic Creators Conference, where it announced that it would upgrade its content creator support plan in an all-round way, investing billions in cash and web traffic throughout the year to help creators grow. According to official data, in the first quarter of 2022, the number of daily active users and monthly active users of Kuaishou reached 346 million and 598 million, both of which reached record highs, and the total traffic achieved a high-speed growth of 50% year-on-year.

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Many Chinese companies have launched enterprise business divisions. Among them, Xiaomi has released a related plan in January, 2021. Bai Peng, Vice President of Xiaomi‘s B-to-B department, revealed that the department is divided into two parts: customized devices and intelligent ecology. The device part includes mobile phones, televisions, speakers and tablets. The intelligent ecology, meanwhile, will provide solutions for five major industries such as residences, hotels, apartments, offices and elderly care.

According to Bai Peng, from January to October, 2021, customized devices, as the largest segment of Xiaomi‘s B-to-B business, have served more than 15 industries, with sales volume exceeding 1 million units. In terms of intelligent ecological business, 75% of the “TOP3” real estate companies have cooperated with Xiaomi. The business currently covers 15 cities in China.