Kuaishou Joins Hands With Tencent Music to Launch Annual Songwriting Competition

Kuaishou on Thursday announced an annual singer songwriter competition called Album 12, partnering with Tencent Music’s music streaming service QQ Music for the event.

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The competition will last from July 9 to October 31. This is the second time Kuaishou has partnered with QQ Music. Last year, Kuaishou had launched a musician promotion plan along with Tencent Music’s four platforms, which includes QQ Music.

“This contest not only integrates the advantages of short video platforms and streaming media platforms, but also innovates the music promotion model and upgrades how music is consumed,” Kuaishou said. “We’ll surely see some unique musicians and musical works through this joint effort.”

During the contest, Kuaishou will also launch a 100 million yuan ($14 million) incentive plan to encourage musicians. Musicians who pass the first round of the competition will qualify for the stimulus and may get a doubled reward. Kuaishou will also help promote musicians and their works with personalized livestreaming, top music charts, relevant short videos etc.

After three rounds, the contest will select the 12 most popular songs and compose the annual “Album 12” for 2020. The top 12 candidates will also perform at the “Album 12 LIVE Concert” on October 31.

Earlier this year Kuaishou announced that it obtained copyright authorization to create short videos for the songs of Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou from Jewell Music. Chou also launched his first Chinese social media account on Kuaishou around the same time in May.