Koolearn Reaches Cooperation with Tmall Genie on Intelligent Education Hardware

Koolearn and Tmall Genie announced a new cooperation between the two companies on Wednesday. The two sides will carry out comprehensive cooperation in technology, content and services of smart education hardware, and jointly create hardware products that meet the needs of users. The new products are planned to be launched around mid-December.

The cooperation between Koolearn and Tmall Genie aims to bring more scenario-based and intelligent learning experiences to users and promote diversified development by combining the advantages of both parties. According to one person responsible for intelligent hardware from Koolearn, this new exploration in the field of educational intelligent hardware has also opened up new ideas for its positive transformation.

Since its establishment in 2005, Koolearn has been engaged in the field of education for more than a decade. Facing the booming hardware market, Koolearn announced to work on three aspects: technology, products and sales.

In terms of technology, Koolearn and Tmall Genie will develop interoperability to ensure the technical capability and appropriate level of algorithms for intelligent hardware. In terms of products, Koolearn will focus on learning environments, user needs, and design and create practical and effective educational intelligent hardware. In terms of sales, Koolearn will lay out offline channels throughout the country, build an operation system on the e-commerce platform simultaneously, and promote multi-channel deployment of educational intelligent hardware.

In terms of educational intelligent hardware, Koolearn has recently launched an English learning intelligent hardware product called the “Scanning Learning Pen P1”, a device that can scan, translate, and record even while disconnected from the internet.

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In view of the future educational intelligent hardware products, Tmall Genie said it could provide a software and hardware integration solution for the education industry, which can provide a newly upgraded AIOT chip called “Cat Core”, a crowd-specific voice assistant and an offline recognition engine for DAMO Academy.