JVR Music and Mints to Create Jay Chou-Themed Metaverse Space

Taiwanese singer and songwriter Jay Chou and music entertainment brand JVR Music, which he co-founded in 2007 with Vincent Fang and JR Yang, have set their sights on the music metaverse. According to an announcement released by JVR Music on August 29, it will cooperate with Mints, a digital collection platform, to create a music metaverse for Jay Chou’s limited demos.

On August 29, Chinese streaming platform Bilibili exclusively released an interview by VCR with Jay Chou about his limited demos. Chou listened to “Sunny Day,” “Blue and White Porcelain,” “Stranded” and “Love before BC,” sharing the creation story behind the songs. For the first time, he released the demo of “New York Subway” that was ready 18 years ago but was never released.

At the end of VCR, JVR Music said that it would use blockchain technology to turn these demos of Jay Chou into works of art with collection value.

“This is the first time and perhaps the only time we have shared Jay Chou’s demos. They are not only music, but also a part of the history of Chinese pop music. These creations were priceless at that time, and now they are irreplaceable. Thanks to blockchain technology, we can now turn these demos into unique works of art with collection value,” JR Yang, who founded JVR Music with Jay Chou and Vincent Fang, said.

The metaverse space jointly created by JVR Music and Mints consists of five demos selected by Jay Chou. The only proof needed to enter the space is “collectible digital key” with three levels: classic, rare and legend.

To get the digital key, fans must spend real money to buy hardcover mystery toy boxes and limited mystery toy boxes. Each 20 yuan ($2.90) of hardcover mystery toy boxes contains one key, while each 499 yuan ($72.40) limited mystery toy boxes contains two keys.

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At present, on the Mints app, hardcover mystery toy boxes for 20 yuan can be purchased, and players can also use their virtual characters to enter JVR Music’s space.

JVR Music has plans to auction the digital collection of the demo of New York Subway in the future, and donate the proceeds for public welfare.